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We understand Linux and all the aspects of open source technologies

LAMP, networking, databases, high availability services, monitoring, telephony, automation of the processes, spam fighting. That is just part of the things that we do daily since 2001. For all these years we have gained exceptional experience in system administration, maintenance of servers and network management. We know how to do the job properly and fast, using the best industry practices. If you are an ISP, a VoIP operator, if you develop an internet resource or if you are internet entrepreneur, we will improve your technical team and the quality of the offered services.

We are not heroes

Some of the system administrators start working on a certain problem after the customers complain that the service does not work. With heroic efforts and after several days of intensive fighting the efficiency of the service is eventually restored. We would say that all this can be prevented with a little more prescience and timely effort that are based on automated monitoring and data analysis. Being a hero is great but we prefer not to be heroes but to rely on monitoring, highly reliable uninterruptible solutions and virtualization systems.

We practice DevOps

Leave the development, optimization and automation of your servers to us. We will add an experienced system administrator or architect to your organization, allowing your programmers to focus their whole attention to the development of application and not to installing, tuning or troubleshooting the equipment.

We solve complex technical problems using open source solutions.

The traditional methods of solving infrastructure problems are not working anymore. Leave the slow reaction of the big software distributors in the past. Forget about the problems with the security, the licenses and the viruses. No matter if you are now starting your business or you already are long-standing company, we can help you extend your business with proper solutions that are based on open source, planning of the resources, migration without service interruption, high available systems, virtualization or cloud architecture.

offered services

  • System administration

  • Networking

  • Servers maintenance

  • VoIP solutions

  • Troubleshooting

  • Server optimizations

  • Virtualization

  • Open source solutions

  • Monitoring 24/7/365

  • HA services

our competencies

Yes, it is true! We really have these qualities and use all these products and technologies in the moment and we have been using them over the past couple of years for maintenance of servers.

Still not convinced yet? We are certified

BSD certified

LPI certified

Novell certified

RedHat certified

some Facts

  • 1100


    Mbit/s web traffic

  • 2800


    concurrent calls

  • 11 000 000

    11 000 000

    minutes of VoIP calls monthly

  • 80 000

    80 000

    active mailboxes

  • 13


    Years of average IT experience in the team.

IT Outsourcing


Provides knowledge and the best practices to your company from experienced and certified engineers.


It is reliable by reducing the operating and the capital costs and by giving you the best of both of the worlds - professional and reliable IT services without inflated prices.


The job is done faster when needed. More than one person can work on a single or more problems at the same time.

Also, pay attention to these things

  • Your servers are frequently unavailable, working slowly or inadequately
  • You haven't got a plan for archiving and restoring in case of a problem
  • The equipment and the working services are without of monitoring or out of control and nobody knows what is happening and whether they are working or not
  • You have one or more servers but you don't have a person that you can rely on to take care of them if a problem occurs

get in Touch

For more information or if you have any kind of question do not hesitate to contact us via phone every working day from 12:00 to 19:00 or any time via our e-mail

+359 2 411 1234 support@myserver.bg / info@myserver.bg


Yes, for sure. We have clients in other countries and even in other continents. Nowadays internet is everywhere and that can save a lot of time. Usually we operate all the business processes mainly via e-mail and instant messaging.
That really depends on the work that has to be done and varies a lot. Our prices start from 60 euro per server.
Send us more information (no need to be technical assignment) and we will send you back our additional questions and the price suggestion.
Yes. We guarantee that we won't give any of your personal information to anybody or any organization. We are a registered administrator of personal data in the national register of personal data administrator with id 320820.